Wave stand – Stand by Surf

Wave stand


The free-standing version of our product ensures proper storage of your equipment, regardless of where it will be located. Its stable structure will ensure the safety of the equipment placed on it. It doesn’t matter whether you put your equipment down just in a break between waves or decide to leave it for a longer period waiting for next season. Wave Stand will protect the stored equipment until you decide to return to the water again.

Suggested price:   € 800,00 inc. 23% VAT

Technical specification

Width2080 mm
Height2000 mm
Depth600 mm
Weight62 kg
Materialpowder coated steel

Basic elements

Vertical crossbar4 pcs.
Horizontal crossbar1 pc.
Universal hanger4 pcs.
Board support4 pcs.(2 sets.)
Hanger for wetsuits/vests1 pc.
Frame1 set.