Surf holder – Stand by Surf

Surf holder


The wall-mounted model is a more compact version of our product. Where it is impossible to set up a free-standing version, this model will work perfectly. It was designed as a frame to be attached to a wall. Its depth is about 45 cm – this is the optimal dimension that does not take up too much space, but will nevertheless fulfil its role properly.

Suggested price:   € 675,00 inc. 23% VAT

Technical specification

Width 2000 mm
Height 1962 mm
Depth 436 mm
Weight 27,69 kg
Colour black
Material powder coated steel

Basic elements:

Vertical crossbar 4 pcs.
Horizontal crossbar 1 pc.
Universal hanger 4 pcs.
Board support 4 pcs.(2 sets.)
Wall adapter 4 pcs.
Assembly elements 1 set.