Stand by Surf

From passion to
water sports

Creating Stand by Surf we wished to meet the need to maintain order and the will to take care of the equipment essential for all water sports enthusiasts. As we are sports enthusiasts ourselves, we wanted to create a product that would respond to the need to conveniently store surfing equipment.

Kitesurfing enthusiast Łukasz Stańczyk is responsible for the idea of introducing our stands to the market. His fascination with this sport made him want to create a product for the safe and orderly storage of his equipment. We created many prototypes before finally developing a suitable design that resulted from many months of hard work by our team. We hope that Stand by Surf products will benefit many water sports enthusiasts in the everyday management of their equipment and will give even more joy in using it.

  • modular structure

    By following the steps in the instruction manual, self-assembly of our stands will be simple and will not take much time.

  • compact design

    Choose a stand that matches the size and purpose of the room in which it will be located.

  • reinforced elements

    Thoughtful use of the best materials allowed us to create a stable structure, easily supporting the weight of your equipment.

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  • for many sports disciplines

    No matter what discipline you enjoy most, our product will take care of the safe storage of your equipment.

  • flexibility and individual selection of accessories

    Buy accessories, modify and expand your stand as you see fit in the places and amounts you see fit.

  • resistance to damage

    Use of top quality STS steel to create the structure ensures durability of our stands, without affecting their external appearance.

Who is it for?


If you are a water sports enthusiast and you value organization and order, choosing one of our products will be the perfect solution for you. Trust Stand by Surf and ensure safe conditions for your equipment thanks to the solid stands from our offer.

Sports facilities

Our products will effectively help organize space in sports facilities. Both the wall-mounted and free-standing versions will provide protection and comfortable storage of your equipment.


Do you want Stand by surf products to be available in your store? Contact us to place an order.